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Drastic Measures

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Graduation-Travel Diet

Can it really be another week of HASAY dieting and reporting with very little to show or tell?

Most of the week was spent preparing for the graduation trip or attending the graduation. I think I lost several pounds just stressing about the whole event.

Of course, the cinnamon swirl croissant french toast with strawberries I had on Saturday morning probably wasn't the best choice to eat, but it tasted delicious.

We stayed up later than we have in a decade and I think that makes you feel more hungry. But being around at 3:30 am on a college campus is truly eye-opening. It also confirmed the fact that mixing beer bongs, sweet tequila drinks and whiskey from the bottle is NOT a good idea. (Not me, thank goodness).

My exercise routine? That would be schlepping through the airports, carrying bags that do not roll because I have given my kids all the decent-looking roll suitcases!

I intend to do better this week. Big surprise, right? We all want to do better and work harder and exercise stronger and eat less. It's just easier said than done!
Original HASAY weight: 135 pounds
Current Weight: 131 pounds

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Symphony Conductor Arm Exercises are All the Rage

I am a little late with my weekly HASAY update, but to tell you the truth, I was afraid you all might think I've gone completely mad with this post. And maybe I have, but I simply don't care anymore.

I am obsessed with doing my arm exercises to utube videos showing symphony conductors! Did you know that conductors have some of the best cardiovascular workouts just by doing their jobs? It's true. And their arms are tight and strong just like I want.

So starting this week, I have been standing in front of my computer and mimicking conductors through their long songs and I have to tell arms are sore. It's true. Move your arms exactly as they do for the full song, it's really a kick.

And, it's a nice break from typing on the computer all day. And I love the music, too. Here is one of my favorite old-time conductors for you to try the newest, hippest form of HASAY exercise:

Now, wasn't that fun?

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