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Drastic Measures

Friday, July 9, 2010

WORTHy Wishes for My Friend

Maybe you're like me and have a much easier time picking out clothes for your friends than for yourself.  There are a couple of friends that I would love to dress right now.  My first friend I want to dress looks fabulous because she has recently lost a lot of weight.  Plus, she has a great head of blond hair on her head so some styles really look great on her that others cannot pull off as well. So, here goes.....this is what I would select for this person from this fall's Worth Collection clothing line:

    I start with a simple piece in this ensemble.  She already has a top, similar slacks and the belt that are represented in this look, but to bring the pieces together, she could definitely rock this 'Mulch Colorblock Shawl Cardigan'!  It's 100% Wool but has a wonderful lightweight feeling and it's soft to the touch. It's an Easy Fit, in sizes XP-XL and costs $498.00.  With so many great colors in this sweater, there isn't much in her wardrobe that doesn't match this versatile piece.

Next, I like to dress this friend in this easy 3-piece casual outfit consisting of a U-tank, a cotton cardigan and this terrific 'Permable Denim Biker Jean Skirt'.  The U-Tank is in berry brown, runs XP-XL and has 83% Nylon and 17% Lycra and costs $98.  (I have these tanks in about 8 colors and I love the way they feel...very smooth, don't show undergarments and I wash them and hang to dry!  They are a necessity in Arizona). The 'Berry Brown Swank City Cable Cardigan' is also perfect for Fall in AZ: looks like fall but is short sleeved and 100% Cotton.  This looks great with a long sleeve shirt, too, by the way.  Runs XP-XL, is an Easy Fit and costs $448.00.  To finish off this outfit, we have a button down skirt made of 78% cotton with some give, but not too much. Everyone who buys this classic Worth style skirt say that they love how it doesn't gap between the buttons, even when you are sitting down.  It's perfect for casual Friday work days or an easy dinner date at the Club. Sizes 0-16 and it costs $328.00.

Now, it's time to dress for that special or Holiday occasion.........and there are several outfits from this collection I know would be stunning on this friend, but I have selected one jacket that I think would look great with some dress black pants she has in her current wardrobe:

The material in this jacket is heavenly....just saying!  She loves black and wears it well.  But the golds in this jacket will compliment her blond locks well.  It's made for her!  The process of making this material is interesting in itself: starts with black velvet that is then chemically burned-out then over printed with a metallic gold creating this beautiful floral pattern.  This is sexy without being overtly sexy....if you know what I mean! 82% Viscose, 18% Silk, unlined, 0-16 and costs $ 798.  (They use this material for an evening shawl if you have an all-black outfit that needs that extra spark, too.  Costs $298.00)

Well, I have probably spent too much of my friend's money for one day, so I'll stop the post here.  But I do have one more INCREDIBLE piece lined-up for her.  I'll show you this next week....

Perhaps these outfits would also look great on you, too!  Email me at to discuss or to place your order.  I'd love to dress you, too.
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