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Drastic Measures

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Four Brings Deep Thoughts and Happiness

Just like this adorable little Panda bear, today I am deep in thought.  All the literature told me that during days 4, 5 and 6 of the HCG Diet, you feel somewhat euphoric.  (Being down one pound helps, too).  A kind of glaze is poured over these thoughts as I am getting used to the new routine.  I am not sleepy, but I feel refreshed in a hushed sort of way.  (No, I am not high!)

I am thinking about beauty and about how we all try to enhance the beauty God has given us with make-ups and hair products.  On this diet, you are not supposed to use any make-up (except a little powder and lipstick).  No lotions or gel for your hair.  Some people do not ever need these products because they have thick hair or their skin isn't dry.  But, I have found over the years that my skin gets so dry and flaky.  And my hair is flat and thinning.  Still, I have to say that there is a real, natural beauty when you don't use any make-up or hair mousse.  My eyes look tiny without mascara, but they seem to gleam a little more today.  They look childlike, which is interesting for a 52-year old empty nest Mom.  My hair, while not very full, is super soft and supple. This is a different kind of beauty that I think we all don't use or explore enough.  Have we been brainwashed by the makeup companies that we need to use their stuff or else we are not beautiful?

Today feels easy and simple and that feels pretty good, considering just how stressful our lives have been for the past three years.  I feel a kind of "letting go" emotion.  I sometimes feel this feeling after a really hard Flow Yoga class.  The diet is making me relax and not try to do too much, or else I might get tired or dehydrated.  

Finally, there is definitely an increase in sexual arousal and the desire for sexual activity, which I think is a fantastic side effect.  I wonder if that feeling occurs for men who are doing the HCG Diet?  And if both partners are doing the diet together, do they have a crazy 40 days of sex?!!

I have two hours before dinner and that seems pretty far away, so I will stick to the computer and get as much work done as I can and avoid the kitchen altogether!  Talk to you tomorrow....

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day Two and Three: Bruised But Ready To Go

Day Two was delicious!  I ate frozen Snickers bars, cheese and crackers a cheeseburger and then we went to a friends house for dinner.  She happens to be an amazing cook and I gorged on everything and had a few too many glasses of wine.

I did the shot in my right leg and I didn't feel anything and it didn't bleed or bruise!  I cannot same the same about my left leg.....there is a huge, dark-colored bruise to show from my first shot.  For anyone considering doing this diet, you'll love day two.

Bill and I woke up on the morning of Day Three feeling sick: dizzy, major headaches and upset stomachs.  I was kind of glad he was feeling the same way, though, otherwise I would have thought it had to do with the diet.  Basically, we lounged around watching college basketball and sleeping.  You weigh yourself and they call this amount your target starting weight; for me that 132.5 pounds.  I gave myself the shot at 10 am, as usual.  I tried the right leg again, and it has actually hurt a little bit all day.  No bruise...yet.

I had hot tea at breakfast time and then went to Whole Foods to get food.  I am going to try to eat only organic foods this month, which could be a little expensive.  Anyway, I walk up to the seafood counter to get some fresh sea bass and asked him for pieces that are 100 gram size.  He had no clue what a gram was, so I just bought a few pieces.  Then, I headed over for chicken breasts and asked the guy behind the counter the same question about 100 grams and he said that the scales they have cost about $11,000 each but they don't measure meats in grams.  He then proceeds to tell me that that kind of scale costs about $14,000.  WTF?  Hush, and give me my skinless, boneless chicken breasts!

Lunch was very satisfying: 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of grilled chicken breast, a whole cucumber a grissinni breadstick and a handful of strawberries.  I love these breadsticks....I could easily eat the whole box at one sitting.  But, not this month.

By 6:00 pm I felt starved, so I ate dinner.  I ate the other half of the grilled chicken breast, lettuce and tomatoes with fresh lemon juice, the breadstick and one large apple.  I made lemonade with Stevia, water and the lemon, but it tasted horrible.  It's because the Stevia has a vanilla taste to it.  Does anyone know if they made Stevia with no taste?

After 2 liters of water today, I must run to the bathroom for the 100th time.  I am looking forward to weighing myself in the morning.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Day One: Eat Like There's No Tomorrow!

My friend came over at 9 am this morning and we turned to the logical source of information....the UTube channel, for advise on mixing the magic HGC potion to lose weight.  We saw this heavy-set guy from Vegas show how totally easy and painless the process was and we were relieved. If he can do it, so can we!

We headed to the kitchen counter, mixed up one each and sat on the couch and gave ourselves the shot, which was painless.  I bled a little, that's all.  Then we proceeded to mix enough shots for the next 21 days each, put them in a plastic container and placed in the refrigerator.  Every day at 10 am. we will both be giving ourselves the daily shot.

Now, for the good, er, GREAT part: today and tomorrow we need to fill our fat reserves up for maximum weight loss over the next 40 days.  So, I popped several fig newtons before Gretchen had left the kitchen.  Fatty foods all day for the next two days.  Where do I begin? 

I also need to stop at the grocery store and buy the allowed foods for the remainder of the diet and get some B-12 dots that you take daily under your tongue for energy.

I have to tell you that I am giddy with excitement that I might actually lose this extra weight, for once.  I have tried for 6 years to go the 5 days a week exercise, eat the right foods and don't drink too much alcohol routine.  By doing this, I have maintained this weight, but have not been able to lose the extra 10 pounds.  It's been frustrating, I am not going to lie.  My doctor says it has to do with my age and hormones and pre-menopausal issues.  Nothing I can control, and being somewhat of a control freak in all aspects of my life, hearing those words just make me mad.  So, my heart is filled with HOPE with the promise that this system will produce a different result!

I am thinking about going to the store for a huge Snickers bar or a Butterfingers bar!  I cannot remember when I last had a candy bar.  I think I am going to like today...DAY ONE of this diet!  Talk to y'all tomorrow......................

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My 2010 Diet Adventure

Today is the day before the actual HCG diet begins.  We were all ready to start today, but then we read that this diet is best started on any day except Thursday (due to the way they make you eat delicious fatty foods for two solid days...). 

So, instead, I have taken out my trusty pink measuring tape and measured all the parts of my body and weighed myself as "a starting point".

Weight: 132.5
Height: 5' 4 1/2"
  • Bust: 36"
  • Stomach (just above the belly button): 32"
  • Stomach (about 1 1/2" below belly button): 35"
  • Hip: 38"
  • Thigh: 22"
  • Ankle: 8"  (LOOKING GOOD!)
  • Flabby Arm area: 11"
I'll admit that the freaky numbers to me were going from the top of the stomach to the hip!  No wonder I think of the Liberty Bell when I check myself out in the mirror!

I'll get around to measuring my body fat soon, too, but from the time in 2001 that I weighed 113 pounds to my heaviest at 135 pounds, it hovers in a normal and even somewhat low range for my age and weight.

Stay tuned.............................

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