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Drastic Measures

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally, a Handbag That Does Not Carry Me Away!

Designers like to name their bags for some reason and the Worth Collection handbags are no different.  This baby is called the 'Janice' and I must say that its the perfect fall bag.  The size is perfect (big enough to get all my junk and my notebook but not so large that I look ridiculous carrying it).  It comes in three colors but I love this color they call 'Mulch'.  I also love the price, $696.00, almost one-third less than all the great handbags I spotted at Nordstrom's the other day.  It's 100% leather and I love the braided/chained combo on the strap.  To me, it's the adult version of your back-to-school bag. 

How many of you would like one of these bags?  Go to their website to see all the colors and other handbags of the season, or just make a comment here or email me at and ask me.  I would love to sell 10 of these today!  That would really surprise my sister!
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