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Drastic Measures

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day One: Eat Like There's No Tomorrow!

My friend came over at 9 am this morning and we turned to the logical source of information....the UTube channel, for advise on mixing the magic HGC potion to lose weight.  We saw this heavy-set guy from Vegas show how totally easy and painless the process was and we were relieved. If he can do it, so can we!

We headed to the kitchen counter, mixed up one each and sat on the couch and gave ourselves the shot, which was painless.  I bled a little, that's all.  Then we proceeded to mix enough shots for the next 21 days each, put them in a plastic container and placed in the refrigerator.  Every day at 10 am. we will both be giving ourselves the daily shot.

Now, for the good, er, GREAT part: today and tomorrow we need to fill our fat reserves up for maximum weight loss over the next 40 days.  So, I popped several fig newtons before Gretchen had left the kitchen.  Fatty foods all day for the next two days.  Where do I begin? 

I also need to stop at the grocery store and buy the allowed foods for the remainder of the diet and get some B-12 dots that you take daily under your tongue for energy.

I have to tell you that I am giddy with excitement that I might actually lose this extra weight, for once.  I have tried for 6 years to go the 5 days a week exercise, eat the right foods and don't drink too much alcohol routine.  By doing this, I have maintained this weight, but have not been able to lose the extra 10 pounds.  It's been frustrating, I am not going to lie.  My doctor says it has to do with my age and hormones and pre-menopausal issues.  Nothing I can control, and being somewhat of a control freak in all aspects of my life, hearing those words just make me mad.  So, my heart is filled with HOPE with the promise that this system will produce a different result!

I am thinking about going to the store for a huge Snickers bar or a Butterfingers bar!  I cannot remember when I last had a candy bar.  I think I am going to like today...DAY ONE of this diet!  Talk to y'all tomorrow......................

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