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Drastic Measures

Friday, September 26, 2008

CAbi Show's a Hit

Recently, I attended a CAbi show hosted by CAbi sales representative, Christine Wilson. Couples were invited to her home which makes the shopping experience very different than it is at a mall. First, it was very relaxing and informative. Christine spends a good deal of time explaining how well the CAbi garments are made. She discussed the season's fashion trends and showed us how to spend wisely so that we don't have a wardrobe of items that don't work well together. I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased a top or pair of pants and then have nothing to mix and match with at home.

Some of the couples really enjoyed being together for this shopping experience. The woman could try an outfit on and show her husband and get his thoughts and opinion on the outfit. When money is tight, we all want to be upfront with our partners on any buying decision.

Other men, like my husband, hate shopping but enjoyed the food and the baseball game that was on the television in the next room.

I like the trunk show aspect and the way the clothes are on racks, according to the trend. And my favorite part is no salesperson telling you "look great" in some outfit, pushing you into a sale. Christine is very skilled in allowing you to make your own judgement, but when asked, she would select pieces that she believes would work for our body types.

Finally, you are usually shopping with friends at a CAbi at-home party. I find friends are the best judges of what looks good on you. Also, trying to get a group of friends to meet at a mall or department shop is nearly impossible to coordinate.

I choose a three-piece outfit from the "Spa" collection that includes The Techie Jacket, a Hanky Henley top and the Techie Crop pant. When I put a crisp white button down shirt with the jacket and pant, the look is very different.

Christine does shows in the Phoenix and Seattle areas. If you would like to host a show with your friends, call Christine at (206) 261-6280 or contact her on her website or email her at

Thanks to Al Martins of 'Two Eyes Photography' for providing the pictures for this post. You can contact him for your photography needs at either (480) 242-5952 or email him at

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spa Critiques | Spa Reviews & News

Spa Critiques Spa Reviews & News

This is my "go to" website when I want a facial or body treatment. They have the best definition listing I have ever seen. This site will come in handy when traveling to other cities and want to get a service that's decent but I don't know anyone for their recommendations.