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Drastic Measures

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Four Brings Deep Thoughts and Happiness

Just like this adorable little Panda bear, today I am deep in thought.  All the literature told me that during days 4, 5 and 6 of the HCG Diet, you feel somewhat euphoric.  (Being down one pound helps, too).  A kind of glaze is poured over these thoughts as I am getting used to the new routine.  I am not sleepy, but I feel refreshed in a hushed sort of way.  (No, I am not high!)

I am thinking about beauty and about how we all try to enhance the beauty God has given us with make-ups and hair products.  On this diet, you are not supposed to use any make-up (except a little powder and lipstick).  No lotions or gel for your hair.  Some people do not ever need these products because they have thick hair or their skin isn't dry.  But, I have found over the years that my skin gets so dry and flaky.  And my hair is flat and thinning.  Still, I have to say that there is a real, natural beauty when you don't use any make-up or hair mousse.  My eyes look tiny without mascara, but they seem to gleam a little more today.  They look childlike, which is interesting for a 52-year old empty nest Mom.  My hair, while not very full, is super soft and supple. This is a different kind of beauty that I think we all don't use or explore enough.  Have we been brainwashed by the makeup companies that we need to use their stuff or else we are not beautiful?

Today feels easy and simple and that feels pretty good, considering just how stressful our lives have been for the past three years.  I feel a kind of "letting go" emotion.  I sometimes feel this feeling after a really hard Flow Yoga class.  The diet is making me relax and not try to do too much, or else I might get tired or dehydrated.  

Finally, there is definitely an increase in sexual arousal and the desire for sexual activity, which I think is a fantastic side effect.  I wonder if that feeling occurs for men who are doing the HCG Diet?  And if both partners are doing the diet together, do they have a crazy 40 days of sex?!!

I have two hours before dinner and that seems pretty far away, so I will stick to the computer and get as much work done as I can and avoid the kitchen altogether!  Talk to you tomorrow....

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Blogger Casey said...

Ohhh, the HCG diet. I did that back in college and dropped poundage like crazy. How's it going?

March 27, 2010 at 6:28 PM  

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