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Drastic Measures

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Days Into my Detox Program

This is the 20th week of participating in Casey's HASAY group diet and like many dieters I am right back to where I started...135 pounds. Well, that was what I weighed last Friday. Too much St Patrick's Day fun, too much neighborhood fun, too much food experimenting......all adding up to weight gain.

Now as fate would have it, I sat in my weekly BNI group meeting and heard Dr. Keith Smigiel, Family Chiropractor, give a presentation on UltraClear Detox Programs to eliminate the toxic waste in our bodies. At 7 am, I listen as hard as I can (being half awake) and Keith gave us all the important information about these programs. But all I heard was that both Dwight (another BNI member) and his wife did the seven-day program and each had lost over 14 pounds, felt great and have kept off the weight. I didn't need to hear those words because I see and know Dwight and Kira, and they both look fantastic. I mean, seriously HOT. So, on Friday, I place the call to Keith to get my bucket of medical food.

Basically, I take this powder and mix (I use my latte swirler) with filtered water and a tiny bit of fresh OJ and drink two or three of these each day. In addition to the shakes, I get to eat one organic, green vegetable a day. But, I can eat that one veggie all day long. Sounds simple, right?

Sunday morning I have my first shake and almost gagged at the chalkiness of the drink and eat some cooked spinach, but I need top buy more for the rest of the day. I decide to shop at Whole Paycheck (Foods) to get my green vegetables. It's midday and I feel a little woozy. I walk up to the grocery worker and ask where the spinach is and he barks at me that he has no spinach anywhere. (He must be in 'Day Four'). NO SPINACH! I am thinking a quick kick to the jugular because I am too tired to go to another store. Turns out I didn't have to kill him after all because they have some in their takeout salad bar area.

Sunday night, my son and his girlfriend come up for dinner and it was hard to make the food and not be able to eat it. On accident, I ate a grape when I was rinsing them off. I had a delicious medical food shake and some more spinach. It's a good thing I learned how to chug a drink in my earlier years, as that skill is coming in handy now!

Monday was broccoli day! And, I have not become "broccoli bitch", thank you. I have eaten three helpings of broccoli and chugged two shakes today. I was not woozy and I'm not hungry.

My parting thought for the day: I really hate that eating food can make you fat. Why couldn't smoking make you fat or running make you fat? Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if eating pizza and homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream, gave you a flat stomach or maybe even, give you big boobs? Someone should have asked for my opinion on this topic before they went and created the world.

Stay tuned for daily updates. Keep me strong; I have a feeling I am going to need y'all!

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Blogger Casey said...

Oh no, that sounds horrible! I'm all for dieting (actually, I'm not) but those shakes sound ugh. You're right about your college chugging days coming in handy! Good luck, I hope you get good results from this one and if so, maybe I'll be next.

March 24, 2009 at 4:40 AM  
Blogger mrsbear said...

Just wanted to offer my support, your program sounds crazy! I would never have the willpower, but if it makes for a healthier, hotter you, then best of luck. I'd love it if pizza and nachos gave me leaner thighs and chiseled arms. If you start a petition for it, count me in. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will fly by for you and you can join the rest of the eating world after that. :(

March 24, 2009 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Keely said...

Wow, you're brave! Let us know how it goes - I've had some failed attempts at these, but I've never used something produced commercially. Good luck!

March 24, 2009 at 7:56 AM  

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